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Oh my...... the library staff and board are beyond impressed with Albert's cabinetry. I just love how he built it to fit in with the period bookshelves already in place. We are using it to feature seasonal and topic of the month picture books. Having given Albert just an idea of what we wanted, he created something far more beautiful than imagined! J.G. East Windsor CT
Posted by: J.G.Location: East Windsor CT
Albert, What a wonderful treasure you have created for us! It's truly amazing that I envisioned a table, communicated what I wanted to you, and you worked your magic to produce just exactly what I hoped for - okay, the tabletop is actually beyond what I expected with all those lovely grains. Thank you so much for applying your talents so perfectly!
Posted by: L.K.Location: East Windsor CT
Our new mudroom, entryway is now so organized and neat, everything in its place and great to look at too!
Posted by: D. F.Location: Longmeadow MA
Albert and the architect worked so smoothly together and we felt secure to be in such competent hands. The process and attention to detail were superb. The completed library is a room we love being in and has added a wonderful new dimension to our home.
Posted by: R. J.Location: Darien CT
We are thrilled with our new kitchen. It is not only beautiful to look at but completely functional in just the way we had envisioned. It has also greatly improved the value of our home. When the need arises we will be happy to do business with Albert again.
Posted by: D.C.Location: Tolland CT
Albert Grant’s woodwork is exquisite. The wardrobe and dresser he made us are not only perfectly customized to our needs, they are stunning works of art that have transformed a run-of-the-mill bedroom into a unique and alluring space.
Posted by: D.M. and B.O.Location: Cambridge MA

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